Inspiring Leadership: 7 Ways to improve your inner dialogue



Do you notice that you are not always helpful to yourself? Are you busy listening to the critical voice that we all have. Read about how to be hugely successful in my forthcoming book, The Promotion Project: Raising your Profile, Presence and Prospects To lead you need confidence so start tackling your negative inner dialogue: –

1.Have fun with what you are telling yourself. Sing it aloud

2.Imagine that you are listening to someone you love, what would you say to them?

3. Write it down, and then post it, in the sea, fire, loo

4. Focus on your leadeeship goals reaffirm them, Have an alarm with the affirmation hourly

5. Think how you can help your team, if you let that voice go

6. Imagine it in a silly voice

7. Imagine the words disappearing over the horizon


Inspire your self to be an inspirational leader


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