• Martin changed my life - I had no idea that coaching could be such a powerful tool for personal and professional development! Working with Martin for just a couple of hours each month transformed my career. Through careful listening and questioning Martin will help you to develop insight into where to focus your time and energy. You will uncover what is most important for you, and perhaps more importantly, what is NOT important. Armed with some simple strategies, those around you will quickly understand how you work, what you expect from them and what they can expect from you in return. However, the greatest personal transformation came from Martin's focus on my future. Although not always a comfortable topic of discussion, he helped me to think deeply about what I wanted to do and why. Once this was clear we worked together to develop a strategy and plan to turn that from a dream into reality, then made it happen. The opportunity to work with Martin has been a highlight of my professional life. If you are facing a significant challenge at work or are struggling to make the next step forward in your career, then I strongly encourage you to work with Martin - you will be amazed by the outcome!

    Mike Truter
    Mike Truter Managing Director Mitsubishi Bank Singapore
  • Martin and I met on a number of occasions, as part of his organisation’s 'new Director' coaching contract with my Firm. Martin excelled in effective coaching techniques, based on the psychological factors that can influence daily working "habits" and how a positive and energised approach can influence outcomes. Incredibly useful and barely a week passes without me utilising one of these techniques, which are grounded in backing yourself in terms of self-confidence, underpinned by an organised, focused approach,

    Harvey Smith Director Employment Tax, Deloitte.
  • I have worked with Martin for over a year and as a business coach he has helped me greatly on both a professional and personal level. As an FD his background and experience in "my world" have proven to be invaluable. Beyond this however his business and commercial insight, ability to build trust and rapport quickly and approach, which both challenges and facilitates the client to make breakthroughs, are applicable to any manager or executive looking to drive their careers forward. He is someone who tells it as it is but who gives you the tools to take ownership and self-serve. I would strongly recommend him.

    Peter Dean Director of Finance, SAS Business Analytics Software.
  • Dr Cathie Woodward has recently completed a significant Leadership and Development Programme for a number of our Senior and Middle Managers. This included both individual and team coaching sessions   As the sponsor of the Programme I was absolutely committed to a new way of developing our managers. I needed the Programme to ready the managers to lead large numbers of staff, humanistically, through significant change.  We also needed to equip them as individuals for their current and future roles.  At the completion of the Programme I wanted them to feel and behave differently.   The Programme mobilised quickly and engaged a somewhat unsure audience with ease.   Cathie has more than satisfied my objectives and the feedback from the participants and their staff has been overwhelming. I move to secure further investment with confidence. Cathie will be a key part of the taking the Programme forward.

    Russell Saunders
    Russell Saunders Lloyds Banking Group / Managing Director Global Payments