Performance coaching and career development advice for senior interim Change Professionals


As a senior interim professional, you are expected to perform at an exceptional level in complex situations. Whilst this is an exciting challenge and you get to pick which ones to take on and choose how to tackle them, with the objectivity being an interim brings, the downside is you don’t get the support and development your permanently employed peers do. Who do you turn to if you’re unsure how to tackle an issue, particularly one that’s people related? Or when you need advice on your own career or personal development?

My role is to enable you to perform better, help you manage difficult situations and achieve your career ambitions. Like you, I’m independent and objective, focussed exclusively on the results my clients want. I’ll provide objective and impartial advice on how to approach engagement with key stakeholders and team members, particularly when there are tensions around relationships or deliverables, and how to realise your career goals – based on twenty years’ experience as a professional coach and my genuine commitment to the success and happiness of those I work with. I’m aware of the sorts of challenges you face, and that these are different to those in a permanent role.

We’ll work together to ensure you’re able to speedily resolve these challenges whilst also raising and enhancing your profile and presence in the organisation and the market. In partnership, we’ll quickly develop effective solutions that deliver results.

Here are some of the situations my other senior interim clients have faced, the interventions and the outcomes:

  • Situation: No access to support structures within the organisation for both personal and technical development. 
    Intervention/Outcome: Understanding and addressing how to develop and overcome personal weaknesses or what is holding back personal potential.

  • Situation: Existing team members think that they should have had the role and become obstructive (either overtly or covertly).
    Intervention/Outcome: Assistance on leadership situational challenges as an interim – everything from task, people, sales strategy etc.

  • Situation: Initial lack of knowledge of where power lies and whether appointment is supported by your manager.
    Intervention/Outcome: Mapping and enhancing relationships within the organisation.

  • Situation: Lack of sounding board during stages of the assignment.
    Intervention/Outcome: Advice and guidance which is delivered using both theory and practical examples at a personal one to one level.

  • Situation: Dealing with non-performance or dead wood in the team.
    Intervention/Outcome: Support in personnel issues and having “difficult conversations”.

  • Situation: Understanding why you were appointed.
    Intervention/Outcome: Forward and strategic thinking – stretching thoughts. Looking at and raising opportunities and objections in a “safe” environment.

  • Situation: Role and outcome – initial lack of clarity.
    Intervention/Outcome: Aiding skills improvement e.g. senior stakeholders or Board level engagement.

  • Situation: Lack of investment in self, either technical or career/personal development.
    Intervention/Outcome: Exploring how to better market yourself and your services. Personal challenge and stretch. Being taken out of your comfort zone to understand personal capability and self-improvement.

  • Situation: Initial overwhelm when dealing with “day job” whilst learning procedures and practices – not enough hours in the day.
    Intervention/Outcome: Effective personal tuition and challenge with immediate wins.

  • Situation: Lack of progression in roles and seniority.
    Intervention/Outcome: Creating, recognizing and understanding how to deliver value both for you and your client.

  • Situation: Lack of clarity for you and others about your position and authority within the organisation. 
    Intervention/Outcome: Mapping stakeholders and determining existing relationships.


My name is Martin Palmer. Why come to me? Firstly, because my other clients will vouch for what I’ve helped them achieve. Secondly, because of my background and approach:

I have over twenty years’ experience of working with senior managers, directors and board members in a variety of different sectors. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant with E&Y and subsequently worked in a variety of high-growth entrepreneurial businesses at managerial and director level.

My style of coaching, whilst rigorous and focused, encourages both a sense of perspective and humour. It is not based on a remedial / deficit model, but assumes that you are already successful, intelligent and have all the requisite skills, knowledge and expertise to achieve your objectives.

My role as a coach is to identify, with you, the ‘interference’ that is blocking your full potential, and to work with you to eliminate it. This could be summarised as coaching for achievement and excellence.

I have a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology and am an Accredited Executive Coach with APECS (the main coaching accreditation body within the UK)

Specialties include:

Leadership Development, Business Development, Confidence, Personal Branding/Profile Raising, Career Planning, Presentation Skills, Working Practices, and Work/Life Balance.

If you’d like to explore how I can help you become more effective, and happier, I am offering an introductory one-hour coaching session at no cost. After that it’s £250 per one-hour session either face- to-face or over the phone.

I’d love to hear from you at:

Martin Palmer
Mobile: 07956-642365